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  1. Chrysanthemums, or garden mums, typically die due to disease or pests if they are being properly cared for. Although mums are one of the hardiest of plants, a number of diseases can kill them. Leaf spot is a common disease found on mums and is caused by fungi such as septoria chrysanthemi, Septoria chrysanthemella and Alternaria.
  2. Many varieties of mums are available and come in most every color in the rainbow. However, even the strongest plants wilt and begin to die without proper care. If your chrysanthemum's blooms are wilting and the flower isn't producing new blooms, it's time revive the plant with a little extra care.
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  4. Even if you like your mums potted in fall, it’s better to plant them late when the show’s over than not at all. Just water them well, mulch them with about 2 inches of bark mulch or chopped leaves, and tamp them back down ASAP if you find them heaving during winter freezes and thaws. For large plants that seem to be dying out in the.
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  6. Deadheading, or removing dying flowers, is one of those tedious garden chores that almost as soon as you finish it, you have to start over again. Deadheading mums are worth the trouble. The plants benefit greatly from it and will look much better when finished. Chances are great that they will last longer and may repeat bloom.
  7. May 18,  · My mum is dying and I'm scared! in response to davek Thank you both very much for your replies I think my mum definitely wants us to carry on living and not count down the days and overtime I think that will happen but right now my dad, my sisters and I are still coming to terms with finally realising what this means!
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