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  1. Oct 21,  · The silent treatment is a strategy frequently used by people who appear to possess great self-control and claim to be more rational than emotional. At the same time, it is related not only to an expression of passive violence but also to a concealed strategy of psychological abuse.
  2. May 30,  · If the "silent treatment " seems like a torture to one person and the other is nonchalant about it you pretty much knows who is winning the "power struggle". Probably the best way to handle the "silent treatment" is to step away from whomever is using it and go about having fun with friends & family while letting them continue to sulk.
  3. The silent treatment is the refusal to engage in verbal communication with someone, often as a response to conflict in a relationship. Also referred to as giving the cold shoulder or stonewalling, its use is a passive-aggressive form of control and can, in many circumstances, be considered a form of emotional abuse.
  4. How the Silent Treatment Sabotages You (And Your Relationships) Here are 5 ways the silent treatment is more damaging than you know: 1. It causes emotional trauma or stress. This may be a given, but there is a wide variety of overwhelming emotions that come with being ignored.
  5. It is okay to fight, get angry, and become upset with your partner. But what is not okay is shutting them out completely by giving them what is known as the ‘silent treatment,’ also called stonewalling. Communication plays an effective role in every relationship, and silent treatment is one of the negative forms of communication that can harm the bigband.shaknuadaravusida.infoinfo: Shikha Thakur.
  6. Jun 02,  · Silent treatment is a malicious tool used by the self absorbed narcissist type of person to manipulate others into conforming to narcissist desires. I know the difference. I’ve been in a.
  7. Feb 17,  · The Best Way to Respond to the Silent Treatment When your partner gives you the silent treatment, what it means and what to do. Posted Feb 17,
  8. May 16,  · Do you live with someone who gives you the SILENT TREATMENT when you want to discuss a particular issue? Are you ignored when your spouse doesn't like what you have to say or what you do as a form.

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