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  1. Videoklip a text písně Colors In My Life od Misha. Did you have a bad day? Or did I make you sad? My face may be pale But my soul is so colorful So powerful.
  2. Now my eyes are looking past the life that I knew, I'll be shedding black and grey to take on red and blue, Colours I can feel by touching you: Colours of my life, Bloom like flowers in my heart; I don't need a rainbow With colours of my life, Colours of my life. Colours of my life, Bloom like flowers in my heart; I don't need a rainbow With.
  3. My youngest daughter, who very was excited about the prospect of getting her hair done, left The Color Room completely upset due to the way Misha treated her. To top it off, the two stylists working next to her were snickering, and relishing in what a complete b*tch Misha was being to my daughter, who is TWELVE YEARS OLD, for using Sun-In/5().
  4. Never looking around to see the many colors of life. And that is what I measure my life by, the colors of Life. Colors are like emotions, they range from so many things, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Dark Ebony and light hearty Pink just like the many emotions in life every one is so diverse and unique in it's own way like Sadness, Love, Joy and Fear.
  5. Misha, vlastním jménem Michaela Paľová, (* 3. března , Michalovce) je slovenská zpěvačka, zlatá slavice a objev roku zlatého slavíka z Kariéru začala vítězstvím v soutěži Coca-Cola PopStar, od kteréž doby získala většinu významných slovenských hudebních cen (Aurel, Osobnost Televízne obrazovky, Zlatý Slávik).Narození: 6. března (44 let), Michalovce.
  6. May 03,  · Life is all about colour. From what we see all around us, to what we add with our words and feelings, life crosses every colour on the spectrum. Just like words, colours can convey emotions and sentiments. They can lift us up and calm us down. They can make us stand out, or make us Continue reading Life In Colour.
  7. The Beatles originally recorded In My Life written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and The Beatles released it on the album Rubber Soul in It was also covered by Off Our Rocker, The Wellingtons [US2], Lyn Paul, Nilo Koizumi and other artists.
  8. Misha was the winner of the Coca-Cola Pop Star talent contest in In , , and she received a number of Slovak Music Academy and popularity awards. Though she went to study English at university (graduated in ), after nine years of working as an English teacher, translator and interpreter she pursued music and has been.

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